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Song – Overkill

Those of you with a keen ear and a wide ranging musical knowledge may recognise the basic structure and some of the words from this song as belonging to a track by a band called Men At Work, from quite a few years ago and although I didn’t realise it at the time I discovered this fact some years later by accident.

My brother, Rich, was home from Uni’ for a bit and had brought down his Fostex four-track tape recorder and the two of us had some time to kill, so we decided to write a song together. He came up with the basic chords and started the words off, then we worked on the rest of it for an hour or so before recording it. It was called Overkill.

Some years later I was watching the TV show Scrubs when my ears suddenly rung to the sound of our song, being sung on the program! Was I imagining it or was that, in fact, the lead singer/guitarist from the Australian band Men At Work playing a bastardised version of OUR song.

I called Rich up immediately and said “that guy is playing our song” and, you’ve guessed it, Richard kindly pointed out that it actually wasn’t our song and the music was written by someone else.

I don’t begrudge him this fact. He is, after all, my brother and we had a lot of fun recording it. But I believe our version of the song still stands up in its own right and is, at least, a funny variation on the original…and no, I’m not usually that gullible!

You can hear my re-recording of it here.


I can’t get to sleep,

For thinking ’bout the implications,

Of diving in too deep,

It’s just overkill (overkill, overkill),

And when I go to work,

She drives me to infatuation,

A pity she’s a sheep (she’s a sheep???),

It’s just overkill (overkill, overkill)


(Amusing Bachman Turner Overdrive Fill)


She grazes in the day,

At night she gives me satisfaction,

I know it isn’t right,

It’s just overkill (overkill, overkill),

Her mother was a ewe,

Don’t mean to use my embrocation,

I hit her with my car,

She’s just overkill (overkill, overkill)!