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Read ‘Em And Weep

Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook, follows me on Twitter or, unlikely as it seems, occasionally looks at my Google+ account, will know that for the past two years or so I have been undertaking a reading marathon of Pratchett proportions.

I started with The Colour of Magic and continued with all 41 Discworld novels, as well as the maps, cookbooks, tourist guides, kids books and short story collections. After this I started on the non-Discworld books – Strata, The Dark Side of the Sun, the Bromeliad trilogy, the Johnny Maxwell books, etc.

The reason for this single-minded readathon are numerous, I tend to reread my Pratchett collection every few years anyway, but after his untimely death in 2015 I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a book by any other author.

I assumed this feeling would pass but several months later I was still in the same mood, a year later I felt the same, two years later and I was still in my reading rut.

Seemingly unrelated, about two months ago we got notice that our landlord wanted their house back, which was a bit inconvenient because we were just in the middle of trying to find somewhere of our own to buy. Scroll on to about a week ago and the house is full of boxes as we get ready to move to a new rental. I was packing up my Pratchett collection (shudder) and amongst them I found my Kindle, untouched since I picked up The Colour of Magic.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I left it on top of my drawers in our bedroom. Then, last Sunday night I was getting my stuff ready for work the next day and thought “why the hell not” and slipped the e-reader into my bag.

When I arrived at the train station on Monday morning I got it out and started reading (American Gods by Neil Gaiman, if you must know!), and have been doing so on every journey to work and back since. It seems my reading mojo has returned and, with it, my brain has also fallen off a deep precepice into the icy waters of “I Have To Write” again.

Ideas are sloshing around inside my head like a particularly spectacular Formula One pile up and my fingers are itching to type. But what to do first?

I’ve been working on a few things, slowly, for the past few months, a Discworld fan-fiction piece about Rincewind; a comedy fantasy novel about a vampire; a biography about my life as a type one diabetic; a kids book I’ve been working on for a couple of years now.

All these conflicting stories are arguing for precedence, so what I’m going to do is…go to sleep! Life is complicated enough at the moment without worrying about what and when to write, so I just need to put digits to keyboard whenever I get the chance.

Wish me luck!



So, with all that inspiration flowing through the internet, my head, my dreams and my life in general, I have a lot of ideas trying to vie for attention when I’m sitting in front of a keyboard. I have covered some of these already but just skip over them if you get bored.

To give you an idea tonight I’m going to write down a few of the ideas that I have at least written down somewhere. if you like the sound of any of them please let me know and I’ll consider expanding them or at least trying to think of how to proceed with them.

1. A Brief History of the 4th Millenium – My Mum is an archaeologist and after writing my time travel book (see 4.) I had an idea that it might be a good idea to write a laymans history book, only it’s a history of the next millenium, from the year 3,000 to 4,000, as if it were written at the end of that time.

2. Back. A story about humankind messing up the planet, emigrating to the moon for a thousand years or so, then trying to recolonise the Earth. Suffice to say it isn’t a joyride for the people coming back.

3. Devamped. I was always planning this to be my second book, I have a few ideas banging around inside my brain but need to get on and write something. It’s about a vampire of a couple of thousand years who has his soul forcibly returned and has to live a normal life. It’s going to be a comedy and will revolve around the humdrum everyday life of the poor fellow who has spent several hundred years being invulnerable, invincible and generally rather popular with the ladies.

4. Jump – You already know about this one. It’s a book about a time machine that causes catastrophic environmental changes to the planet (seems to be a theme!!?!?) and needs to be cleared up by the team who run it. This one is finished so I can’t really do a lot else with it, apart from publication. Which I’ll come to another night!

5. Where Did I Come From? – A book for toddlers on evolution, where a kid asks his parent, who works in a natural history museum, the question from the title and is answered with evolutionary ancestors back through time. I’ve done quite a lot of research for this and just need to get the words down in a pleasant sounding way for young ‘uns.

6. MAI – A story about a guy at a university who creates a computer hosted Artificial Intelligence and his successive relationship with the personality that arises therein. Not a “relationship” actually, just the back and forth between the two of them. Never got very far with this so don’t really know where it was going to end up?

7. Rock – About a diabetic guitarist who gets framed for the murder of one of his bandmates and is sent to prison. Then how he escapes and clears his name. Required a lot of research, which I don’t really have time for at the mo’.

8. Super – I think the film My Super Ex-Girlfriend may be a bit too close to this but it was going to be about a guy who dated a woman who turned out to have superpowers. Again, never really got round to planning it so might need to trash it or think harder about how to differentiate from the existing, slightly rubbish movie.

9. Turing – A working title, another Artificial Intelligence one but this one has a malevolent AI that gets out of the lab and starts causing havoc with computer systems around the world. the nice thing being that just about everything is computerised these days so it pretty much has free reign to do what it wants.

That’s all the novel length ideas (apart form the kids one, that would be somewhat shorter). The short stories include:

a. A Word About God – Similar to 9, but based around a simple conversation between a researcher and an AI about religion.

b. Getaway – A space ship is leaving the earth to avoid a meteor collision ending life on the planet, can’t say any more without giving the twist away.

c. Nothingham – Post apocalyptic, a couple end up in a UK city. I’m doing this one at the moment for a writing competition so won’t say too much.

d. The Dark Mark – I wrote this for a friend who is a photographer, inspired by a set of his pictures. It’s going to be on display at a gallery before too long so, again, can’t reveal too much. Suffice to say it’s a bit on the depressing side.

I have other ideas but most of them are in my head so have yet to make it into some kind of electronic form.

Gotta go now, it’s bed time.