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Poem (What???) – Falling Over

I don’t class myself in any way as a poet! I have no roll-neck tops, I don’t drink real ale, I’m not a teenage girl, I don’t, generally, write poetry.

However on occasion I do write rhyming, or otherwise, verse. Usually with a view to turning it into a song at some point. However if the idea never develops then I guess what you’re left with is poetry!?

So tonight I’m posting what can only be referred to as a song without music, or poem. I don’t think I was in a good place when I wrote this one, although I can’t remember rightly and I always aim my songs towards the Alice In Chains/Nirvana/crying yourself to sleep genre.

Here it is.



Can I have the time please?

‘Cause I think that mine is running out,

If I close my mouth,

It’ll mean that I can shout.


Falling Over,

Push myself back off the floor,

Not another,

I can’t feel this any more.


Show me the way,

So I can start to see,

Hold me still,

So I can start to feel free.


Fallen Over,

Peel me off the silent floor,

Not again,

Ignore me as you close the door.