Music Review – Furr – Think Sharp Kid

Another post from the sadly defunct Semplesize site.

Last news from Furr was a new single out in 2019, but the link to their website doesn’t seem to work any more. ☹

I hope they’re still together, ’cause this single kicked some serious backside!



I hope you weren’t sleeping ’cause Furr are about to wake you up in no uncertain terms. The kick drum which introduces Think Sharp Kid might as well be a high velocity foot to your temple, followed very closely by a grunge inspired riff which slaps your face until you are fully cognisant.

Jack Byrne starts off by telling us to “dream small son, it don’t matter if you don’t make nothing to be proud of,” triple negative notwithstanding, he launches into it with gusto and seems to have fun bouncing back and forth between falsetto and tenor as the Electrix Six-a-like bass line carries the song along in the background.

In the first chorus we’re asked to believe that “an original idea is what I need,” but this is one thing that Furr are not short of. Leeds in the UK still seems to be one of the major breeding grounds for original rock music and this track sounds a little like the Josh Homme produced Arctic Monkeys effort Humbug, however unlike Alex Turner, Byrne doesn’t show any hint of a provincial accent instead going for a more Middle American drawl, but it suits the music like fine bamboo suits a panda.

In a small nod to the resurgence of all things Star Wars; fuzzy glow sticks hang around the heads of the band as they beat their instruments into submission. The middle eight consists of the song title being sung by Jack while Sam Jackson, Guy Read and John Roberts grasp bunches of the aforementioned light strips and shout the words back in response, looking vaguely like they want to break into an off kilter killer rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

In conclusion I only have one thing to say to Furr – Shut up and take my money!



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