Music Review – Known to Collapse – Circulated Undercover Ground

Even back in the 90s I was more of a Grunger than a Baggy, so to find this track to review didn’t particularly bring back any memories other than watching psychedelic music videos played on the Chart Show on a Saturday morning.

I was pleased to get the chance to review this one though as it has some interesting depths.

The original review is here.



The video for Circulated Undercover Ground is one third psychedelic head trip, one third soul-searching expedition, one third modern day fairy story and one third commentary on the modern world. Yes, I know that makes four thirds but there is a lot going on for the smiley face that stars in this clip.

Known to Collapse is the brainchild of Kevin Lehner, a California based multi instrumental protégé, videographer and all round nice bloke. His musical journey has taken him from Boston to New York and finally to the sunny shores of the south west coast of America. I only mention this because you can almost hear the influence of his travels on this single.

First and foremost is the jangly surf-pop of Los Angeles Beaches, closely hounded by the smooth sound of laid-back Boston alternative scene, strongly veering towards The Lemonheads more relaxed tracks. Then, of course, New York City does what you’d expect and churns the other influences up in its social and cultural Kenwood mixer.

This song reminds me of nothing so much as a few early nineties indie bands from the more northern extremities of England. Artists like Happy Mondays, The La’s and The Soup Dragons all come to mind, but Circulated Undercover Ground is what would have happened if these bands had grown up eight thousand kilometres west-southwest.

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a penniless writer I would give money to Kevin’s Indiegogo crusade, but as it is he will have to be happy with my contribution to his campaign, which is telling the world that I think he’s pretty talented and is likely to appeal to your better natured musical demons.




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