Music Review – Faith No More – Superhero

The next article I wrote for Semplesize was another of my own suggestions, I mean, how could I not!

I’ve been a fan of this band since 19-mutter-mutter-mutter, The first album I had was The Real Thing, but I got all the others in the intervening years, I even own We Care A Lot (the album, not the song, although it has an alternative version of the song on it which is interesting to listen to when you know the Introduce Yourself one so well)

I made some possibly apocrophal statements in this but it was fun to write.

The original one is here.


In 1985 a new band released their first album. Called We Care A Lot, it was just innovative enough to upset the critics, garnering such comments as “inexorable” or “often off-key, fairly monotonous, and colourless”. Faith No More were here! The truth was that the production, though rough, was just right for a band who have continued to innovate through their long and varied career which included the ousting of Chuck Mosley, the original lead singer, who was superseded by the rather more tuneful and exceptionally more flamboyant Mike Patton.

Like much of FNM’s material We Care A Lot hasn’t really passed the test of time, Introduce Yourself, the only other album fronted by Mosley, is probably still the best work they have produced. But of course when Patton came along things got a lot…weirder. Sure they released quite a lot of songs, which sold quite a lot of copies, and had a pretty successful run of being world straddling rock stars, always slightly outside the bounds of “normal” rock music, but they always seemed to be on a knife edge.

Eventually the inevitable artistic differences, or at least guitarist Jim Martin’s homophobia clashing with keyboard player Roddy Bottum’s coming out, split the band and ended the phenomenon.

Now, 30 years later, they have just released their second single since blasting back onto the scene at the close of last year, I won’t mention the name of that track in case there are any people of a gentler persuasion reading. Now, the second single has finally been released, after an almost untenable number of delays. And it’s a Superhero.

This is classic Faith No More, in that it starts with heavy guitars and a piano, joined swiftly by Patton bellowing some violent words, after the verse a short break with less guitar and more piano, then back into the auditory mugging.

There isn’t really a lot to single it out from any of their music released pre-1998. This isn’t a criticism, they have always pushed the boundaries, every album has its own style and tone, but they are all definitively Faith No More. So from Superhero you can expect Rock music, shouting, sing along choruses and, as always, a lot of fun. Put it on repeat and enjoy.




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