The Shepherd’s Crown

This started as a response to a Facebook post someone had put up in the Discworld Monthly group for Terry Pratchett fans, but after I started writing it turned into something a little more all encompassing than I had meant it to be…

I find that the more times you read any of Sir Terry’s books the more you find to like about them!

I’m pleased that Rincewind, Granny, Vimes, Susan and most of the other main characters didn’t have their stories ended, because it means I can imagine them getting on with their lives and having adventures (mostly against his will, where Rincewind is concerned!).

The story arcs through the repeated characters’ books are wonderful and the way they develop (or not, in Rincewinds case) is a fantastic thing to read.

I like that I am able to imagine the possibilities for the future of Unseen University, what Joshua finds upon his next step, or what the next species is to become a victim/customer/immigrant to Ankh-Morpork.

All of these worlds and people are so real in my head that I occasionally forget that everyone else doesn’t know who I’m talking about when I accidentally bring them up in conversation.

I am mainly just sad that there had to be a “final book”, I always knew there would be…unless I was involved in some kind of terminal accident involving a small lined woollen hat, a Swiss Army Knife, a trampoline and an aardvark. It’s not the fact that it is the last one, it’s the fact that it is so much sooner than anyone expected.

I am reading the books again at the moment and each time I laugh out loud the laughter is concluded with a small sad sigh. But it is good to know that Stibbons, Carrot, Vetinari, Nanny, Twoflower, Tiffany, Simon, Imp, Dibbler, Ridcully and all of my other imaginary friends are only a bookshelf away.


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