Music Review – Dinosaur Pile-Up – 11:11

I discovered Dinosaur Pile-Up one night when I was driving to a volleyball practice and they came on the radio as “hottest track of the week” with Opposites Attract. I subsequently searched out and bought their album/EP.

I got an email sent to me announcing their new single, 11:11, was coming out, so I decided to ask the nice people at Semplesize if they’d mind me putting a review together for it. They gave me a thumbs up so I started scribbling/typing.

As ever, original can be found here.



It amazes me how many bands hail from Leeds, in the United Kingdom, amongst them are alt-J, Hadouken!, Kaiser Chiefs, The Sisters of Mercy, The Pigeon Detectives, Pulled Apart By Horses and The Wedding Present.

In 2007 another team of Northerners was added to this list, Dinosaur Pile-Up. Their first EP, The Most Powerful EP in the Universe!, was good enough to be noticed by Zane Lowe and have tracks played on his radio show. When I heard it the first time. DPU, as they are known to their friends, managed to play hard rocking grunge inflected music, with a sense of humour which was rather lacking in others of their genre.

The new single 11:11 starts with a catchy guitar riff accompanied by an easy, relaxed drumbeat. After 20 seconds this introduction stops suddenly and comes back in with everything turned up several notches on the metalometer

Matt Bigland, the front man and only constant in DPU since they arrived on the scene, reportedly said of the new album that “it’s a really heavy record!”, and if this song is anything to go by then he wasn’t lying. This is the first time he has trusted others to be involved with the recording process, and it shows through the change in direction.

At just over four minutes it is long enough to draw you in, making you want to buy the album when it comes out, without the repetitive nature of the song starting to bore you. It sounds like the band have been listening to Mudhoney since the last time we heard them, there is dirt all over this track and it works well, If you have recently discovered your inner demon then you could do worse than to check out 11:11, so you can progress your dark side level to that of fully fledged Sith Lord.



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