Music Review – Big Strong Brute – Wedding Pages

This was my fourth review on Semplesize, but the first one that got edited in any way. The main reason being that the “conversation in the pub” apparently wouldn’t have displayed correctly with the way their site was formatted. It’s a bit of a shame ’cause that was my favourite part.

The original is here.


This is how I imagine the conversation in the pub went between Paul Donoughue (PD) and His Mate (HM), some time before the genesis of his latest single:

PD: Hello mate.
HM: G’day Paul, how are you?
PD: I’m good. Actually, I was thinking about writing a new song.
HM: That’s brilliant, I was listening to some of your old stuff the other day and I reckon you should do something a bit different.
PD: Oh, really? *hurt look* I was always quite happy with my other songs.
HM: Yeah, they’re great! I just think what you should do is write something anthemic, you know, a song the crowd can wave their hands in the air to. Like they just don’t care!
PD: Well, I suppose I could try, do you think it would work?
HM: With your talent mate, anything is possible…

And so, I believe, Wedding Pages was conceived. The riff at the beginning sounds like it was dragged, kicking and screaming, from The Stone Roses 1989 debut album. The rest of the band come in after four bars and continue solidly throughout the song, until a quiet interlude after three minutes where it pares back to being Donoughue’s voice and his trebly acoustic guitar for the middle eight.

If you fancy something sounding a bit like Thom Yorke suffering from adenoids, over the instruments of Tired Pony or The Reindeer Section, frankly any band containing the musical talents of Gary Lightbody, then this might just be for you.

If the hypothetical conversation between Paul and His Mate was in any way realistic then bigstrongbrute’s new song smashes it. Hopefully the rest of the new album, Good Work, will match up to the brutality and enthusiasm of Wedding Pages.



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