Change Is Inevitable…

When I was working as an IT Change Manager at a University about six years ago, one of my tasks was to make sure that the entire department was informed and enthused about anything to do with IT infrastructure related changes. Being keen on words, I decided that a good way to do this was to write a weekly item to go in the newsletter that was sent out to the whole department each Friday.

After a while of doing this one of my colleagues supplied me with an interesting word and dared me to shoehorn it into my update. I duly did this, and from there on the other members of my team got to discuss and send me a different unusual word each week. Some were easier than others!

When I had been doing this for a good while I decided that I would try and write a special one, including as many exciting verbs, nouns and adjectives as I could. After trawling my brain and Google I eventually came up with the following. I was subsequently asked by the head of department to please tone it down a bit, but I did get a lot of responses saying how much people had enjoyed hunting down the words, which just shows that sometimes the best way of enthusing people is being very silly!

My favourite of the words I used was “gallinaceous”, or pertaining to a turkey!



Change is Inevitable – Except from a Vending Machine

The Change Team are feeling a bit sesquipedalian and pleonasmistic this week so we’re not going to floccinaucinihilipilificate SM7. <Name removed for confidentiality> has been working extremely conscientiously on the training materials so it won’t be aleatory if the sessions they have planned to teach everyone how to use it are neither banausic or gallinaceous, hopefully they will make you feel like you are at a dinner party with a deipnosophist.
If you have been feeling hebetudinous lately perhaps we can help by reminding you that you are not working for a kakistocracy and if you need any help with the Change functions in the tool we will be here to bajulate and even gnathonize if you need it.

Outside of this logolepsy we would like to thank <name removed for confidentiality> for her swift response to the requests for room bookings for our training sessions (running between the 7th and 11th of December, with catch up sessions for those who can’t make these ones on the 17th).

Thanks also to those of you who are attending the CAB meetings, hopefully you are finding them as interesting and informative as the Change Team are, we are trying to make sure we expurgate abstruse information and it is interesting that the meetings seem so agathokakological. Hopefully it is starting to reduce confrication between disparate Information Systems contingents, we’re hoping everyone feels more cenobiotic.

Finally thanks must go to everyone who is submitting Change forms, we realise that it may seem like a drain on your time but at least we all know what is going on now, looking forward to seeing the RFC for the new NAS fascicle, as well as an RFC from Unified Communications for when they ameliorate the telecommunications servers.

Hopefully the Change Teams’ activities are leaving you all feeling like you have been partaking in oniochalasia and hopefully you are feeling generally less erinaceous.




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