Five Minute Writing Challenge Four

So, to the final five minute writing story! The word we were given for this one was “Spoilers”, which obviously made me immediately think of Dr Who, which made me think about time travel (what can I say, I like time travel)!

So the story which travelled to my fingers, without the inconvenience of journeying through my synapses, was this one. I call it Spoilers.



‘I wish you hadn’t done that.’


‘I was rather hoping that I might be able to see the movie without finding out what happened at the end beforehand.’

‘You mean you don’t know?’

‘Well, no. Why should I? No one I know does!’

‘But it’s the most famous story in the world!’

‘Really? That’s funny, none of my friends have ever heard of it.’

‘But how. It’s formed today’s culture!’

Buck suddenly realised he didn’t recognise where he was. His gaze flashed around the surrounding area trying to find something familiar, eventually alighting on a date under the clock in the cinema foyer.

November 6th, 2086. He’d travelled 70 years into the future.

Suddenly a holographic sign flashed up showing the main feature.





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