Five Minute Writing Challenge Three

After the cheeriness of the previous two five minute challenges (*sarcasm*), I decided to go all out for this one and actually try and do something with a slightly lighter feel.

I believe the prompt for this one was “any colour, as long as its purple”. I started writing with a vague idea in mind and ended up with a kind of nonsense story for kids.

I call it Purple.



‘But we don’t have any purple giraffes!’

‘Well why not?’

‘Because…well, because giraffes only come in a kind of dappled brown.’

‘Oh! What about Orang Utans?’

‘You’re a bit closer there, but orange is the general theme with those.’

‘Okay, so what do you have in purple?’

‘We could dye a sheep for you?’

‘No, that won’t do at all, it has to be natural.’

‘How’s about a parrot?’

‘Too feathery! I’m looking for fur.’

‘A chameleon?’

‘Fur, I said.’

‘Well in that case there’s only really one solution I’m afraid, but it won’t be cheap!’

‘I don’t care, I’ll take it,’ and Rob’s face lit up as he left the store wearing his fancy new yeti skin coat.




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