Five Minute Writing Challenge

My Writers Group Meetup was last night, it was a pretty relaxed affair with a small number of people. We had decided to try an exercise where everyone has to write for five minutes from a prompt. We were all a bit terrified but it was actually really interesting to see where everyone’s minds took them from the same starting point.

Over the course of the evening we did four different ones, below you’ll find my first one, which came from the phrase “the police knocked at the door” (or some variant thereof!).

This is a straight transcription of what I wrote, with a couple of added commas. It was pretty amazing coming up with a full, albeit short (138 words) story in the time it takes to cook an egg! I surprised myself with what I wrote but am relatively happy that it’s not complete gibberish, even if it’s not the most cheerful tale.


I call it Brad.



Brad got up suddenly. He had no idea what he was going to do with it, but it had to go somewhere. After stashing the thing he tentatively shuffled towards the doorway and turned the squeaky handle until it came off in his hand.

He put his mouth to the hole and said ‘Hang on a minute,’ then went and found a screwdriver to force it open.

Eventually the door swung free and outside were two police people. A man with a stern face and woman who looked slightly concerned.

‘Brad Witherspoon?’


‘Are you the brother of Amber?’

‘Um, yes.’

‘Would you mind accompanying us to the station, we found your sister playing near the train lines.’

Brad stepped out of the door and pulled it shut, thankful that he had left the head out of sight.




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