A couple of months ago my writers group meeting was about getting published.
A couple of the attendees had self-published on Amazon and said that it was relatively easy and was actually making them a few dollars.
I went home and checked out some of their work and, excuse me if I’m biased but, I think mine is of an equally high standard!
This got me thinking and so the past week or so I’ve been setting myself up on Kindle Direct Publishing. As they suggested it wasn’t super difficult, the only tricky bit being the American tax declaration you have to do because the big A (Amazon) is in the big A (America).
Once I got all the paperwork out of the way I started putting the details together to actually publish my book.
They make it shockingly easy, offering advice at every step and even offering a cover designer, which I used and seems to give pretty good results.
I’m still writing a synopsis and “author bio”, which is harder than you might think. Then the final step is to do one last read of the book to make sure it makes sense. After that I just need to upload it and hit the publish button.
But for now I’ll leave you with my current cover design (which may well change before publication) and get back to my editing.



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