D’oh! A Deer. A Female Deer!

For some reason the words to the famous Sound of Music song popped into my head the other day and have been bugging me ever since. So I thought I’d do something about it and create a potted history of myself using the salient points of the chorus. Here goes!



A thing that Homer Simpson says, a lot. I started watching the Simpsons while I was at university when I lived in a house with a guy who was a huge fan of the show (hi Matt), and Homer in particular. This is where I inadvertently picked up the expletive and have continued to use it, when I do dumb things, to this day.


For some reason the only person the name Ray makes me think of is the slightly chubby, ineffectual parapshychologist Raymond Stantz from Ghostbusters. This was one of the films my friend Stephen and I actually ran the projectors for, at our local cinema in the town where we grew up. We saw an awful lot of films that year!


A first person pronoun. Before I started my book I would only have had the vaguest idea of what this actually means. However now I can use the words I, me, my, mine and myself without batting an eyelid.


I have indeed come a long way in the past year. Starting the year employed by a university as an IT security analyst, then quitting, flying 14,545 km away to Perth in Australia, setting up a new life and eventually becoming an IT technician and general process specialist for a tiny IT company in my new country. It’s been a bit of a journey!


One of those things like Maths, Science and English, that I learnt to do in school then thought, “I’m never going to need this again”. But with the passing of time, the onset of parenthood and the writing of a book, which contained a ridiculous amount of research into a large number of scientific disciplines, I would suggest that when your kid tells you they’ll “never need to know this in the real world”, you should explain to them that, if they want to invent a lightsaber they aren’t going to be able to do it purely with common sense! Then make them sew up that t-shirt they ripped a hole in climbing over a fence.


If you’ve taken a cursory glance at the rest of my blog you’ll probably have noticed that I like to sing (and play guitar, and write music and etc.). I would be interested to know how many times throughout my, now middle aged, life I’ve sung the word “La”. My suspicion would be that it’s more than would be reasonably expected or warranted.


…or as some would have it (myself included) the correct word for dinner. So in my 14,585 days (isn’t it funny how close that number is to the distance from my old home in the UK to my new home in Australia!?!?!) since being born I have eaten a good number of teas. When I was a little younger the idea of enjoying food was alien to me, having contracted Type 1 Diabetes at about 22 months old. For a large chunk of my life I saw food as a necessity rather than something to be enjoyed. However since the advent of my insulin pump, and the subsequent arising of much more stable control, I have finally been able to concentrate on the flavours and textures I put in my mouth, rather than just the amount of carbohydrates and what my blood sugar is going to be after eating them. The insulin pump is a really good invention, thank you scientist people.


Play-Doh to be precise. I don’t think I ever had any as a child, Plasticine was all the rage back then, but my own son has a heap of it and we use it to make all sorts of interesting things. From fish, to cars to snakes, to whatever we can think of at the time. He loves it and I think it’s quite a good thing for him to use, because it means he is using his brains to imagine things that could be and things that never were, then sculpt them in real life.


That’s pretty much it for my D.M.R. of me, thankfully the song seems to have extricated itself from my head now. I wonder what’ll get stuck there next?


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