I am a big fan of the Internet! I should probably expand that statement a bit so you don’t think I’ve forgotten which blog I’m writing for.

I find the “clickthrough” nature of social networks and websites to be an incredible source of ideas for stories. Also for situations, technologies and future “stuff”. I also use news sites like the wonderful BBC and NetVibes to get my brain in gear for putting words on a page and pictures in my head.

The amazing thing is that I can use the web for inspiration for ANY kind of writing. Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, kids stories, whatever. However storing all these thoughts I find in the ether isn’t an easy job, sure I could cut and paste into a document or keep the links in something like Evernote, but I did try stuff like that when I was starting out and it just didn’t float my creative boat.

Then, one day, one of my social network buddies posted a link to a tool they use called FlipBoard. Now if you haven’t seen it then you’re missing out, but in essence it is just an internet clipboard that stores all the links you post to it in a magazine story format. I have it on my phone and my tablet and the “+ Flip It” button installed on all my browsers.

Before you start shouting “sell out” and similar derogatory comments at your computer I’d just like to point out that I haven’t been cajoled or in any way remunerated for saying this. It’s just that, for me at least, this is a really handy tool for putting all those random bits of tat in one place and then being able to go browse through them at a later date, when I’m needing a bit of extra prodding in the synapses to get things moving.

Try it out, you might like it! And just to give you an idea of how it works I will selflessly post a link to my own FlipBoard page, which you can find here:


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