Song – Bitter

Another song tonight as I had power problems today (there were men working on the power supply at the end of our road and it took power to the street down for most of the day), hence less time for doing stuff!

This one was written about fifteen years ago when I was a student. It’s about my Granddad, who had died relatively unexpectedly. He was a great bloke, although xenophobic as they come but he loved his family and we all loved him.

He had been a trawler pilot in his day but also, during the second world war had become the skipper of a minesweeper. He spent his whole working life at sea. Partly because he believed in hard work but partly, I believe, because my Grandma died from a deep vein thrombosis just after my uncle was born. This meant that my Granddad lost his partner and the love of his life at a relatively young age.

His death really affected all of us but we came to terms with it, as you do. Writing this song helped me to cope in some small way. These are the lyrics, you can listen to it here on SoundCloud.




Alone and bitter but now you’re free,

you threw yourself into the sea,

memories of a life so bright,

the only time you have together now is night



The world saw you as full of hate,

they didn’t know your ship was late,

there’s nothing to look forward to,

at least if there was I know that she’d be there with you



If you had told us you had to go,

I’m not sure we’d have felt as low,

your sudden loss tore at our hearts,

I guess at least you’re no longer apart


Bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter,

bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter




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