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If you checked out my last post you’ll have seen a few of the scenes from my book. Now the word scenes here is a bit of a misnomer as the word scene suggests that there will be people and action and all those other things that a “scene” would normally entail, but if you look closely you’ll have noticed that scene 2 was actually a newspaper article.
As with the rest of the initial sections of the book this was a scene setter, giving a bit of information about the terrorist group who are the antagonists for the whole thing. However unlike the rest of the writing so far this one had to be written in a particular style, rather than my own style.
Throughout the book there are a few newspaper articles, mainly to give a piece of information which was pertinent to the story but not easy to write into another scene or a conversation.
The first thing I had to do was decide on a newspaper, I was living in the UK at the time and so picked from the publications available there. I used different papers for each one, to give a slightly different tone for different parts of the book, this one was written as if it was taken from the Guardian, mainly because we used to buy that on a Saturday for the TV guide and because it was a little more balanced than a lot of other papers (from my point of view at least).
Because I read the paper quite regularly it means I didn’t have to think about it too hard, but it was still a bit like trying to produce a work document as there was a specific statement which I wanted to put forward with it and a particular way I needed to write the thing.


Originally published in the Guardian newspaper.

Eco-terrorists threaten climate change negotiations

…however events have come to light regarding the Environmental Assistance, Rehabilitation, Training and Health (EARTH) Force. This band of previously harmless environmental activists has recently taken to staging more elaborate, and in some cases disruptive, action which has interfered with a number of high profile events, including the EcoBuild2021 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and the more recent World Summit held in Birmingham, resulting in the recall of the 23 representatives from the USA and Ghana.

This may have set back talks on climate change by up to ten years. Stephen Smythe, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management from the University of Western Australia, one of the attendees at the conference, told the Guardian, ‘If these people are trying to improve matters for the planet they are going about it the wrong way…




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