Planning – Jump

After writing out my character profiles I started creating the scene by scene plan for what was going to happen. This was an interesting process as it started off seeming fairly simple, but as I got further in I had to keep cross referencing my eleven characters parts in the story and checking that they all took place in the right chronological order and didn’t encroach on anyone else’s happenings.

I was vaguely surprised to find that I had produced about 107 scenes, all of which seemed to make some kind of narrative sense and actually added to the story. However after checking it a few times I managed to get this down to a magic 100. I was quite pleased as this gave me a goal of producing 1,000 words per scene so that the book would end up at about 100,000 when it was done.

Below I’ve included the first two chapters’ worth of rows from the spreadsheet, mostly scene setting and information for the reader to get them up to speed with the background of a few of the characters and the version of the world this is happening in.

Of course to anyone but me most of this stuff probably makes no sense at all, but then I had previously spent quite some time writing a potted history…and future, I guess, of each of the people I’m talking about here, so I knew exactly what I was doing, kind’a!




Chapter Scene Scene Detail Character/Media
One 1 Teleportation breakthrough Michael Cooke
2 EARTH (Environmental Assistance, Rehabilitation, Training and Health) Force story – who are they? What are they? Newspaper Article
3 In café reading newspaper (above) Oliver Cornell
4 “Alan” is “dropped off” and starts looking for EF Ian Brookfield
5 Discussion of teleportation device and special forces involvement, who to “get” for the team Robert Masterson, Roberts Brigadier, General and Minister of Defence
Two 6 Unidentified individual sits in room Googleing, “EARTH Force”, “EF contacts”, etc. “Non-confrontational” in results, etc.! David Moulder
7 “Alan” meets Jonny at Natural History Museum – Minerals Gallery Ian Brookfield, Jonathan Dent
8 Contact with military – “I need an assistant” Michael Cooke, Robert Masterson
9 Reading CVs to find assistant – ???concentrate on Celia’s??? Michael Cooke




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