Job Applications

As I previously pertained to, I’ve been writing an application letter for a job I’m interested in and its an interesting task, as far as its writing goes!

For one thing, it’s unusual to get such strict constraints when you’re putting words together like this. However having said that the guidelines aren’t exactly tight with no instructions as to how to format the text or what order to put the points you’re trying to make in.

The other strange behaviour which, I think, doesn’t come naturally to most people is writing nice things about yourself. Now personally I’m not averse to blowing my own trumpet, but when it comes to doing so for something as preposterous as my own working history it just feels unnatural. I’m not in any way unhappy about working for a living, in fact most of the time I quite enjoy it. But trying to remember the day-to-day tasks I did and then linking them to the targets a random stranger has set, in order to find someone to do a job, just seems to defeat my creativity.

Perhaps what I need to do is spend some time writing nice things about myself, but that just seems a little weird.

Anyway, this is why I hate writing  job applications!


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