Song – Open

I’m off out again tonight to do an open mic’ night, in front of a guy who might want to start a band with me. So I thought in honour of that I’d stick another song up today.

This one was written a long time ago when I was listening to…and trying really hard to emulate Soundgarden. Who I still think are cool!

The verse is pretty repetitive, music wise and the lyrics kind of reflect that. The influence of Chris Cornell shows up in the way I twist the words around to change the meanings and make the whole thing a bit ambiguous.

I really like this song but I’ve never played it live ’cause my old band thought it wouldn’t work. Maybe they were right, or maybe I’ll get the chance to try it if this thing tonight works out.

You can hear it here.



Open your mind,
what do you see,
place your head in your hands,
and give it to me

Open your eyes,
what do you feel,
how can I show you that,
my love for you is real

Open your hands,
what do you know,
my deepest desires,
have chosen now to show

Open your heart,
what do you say,
we cannot take it back now,
come what may

Open your mouth,
how could you tell,
I’ve taken you to heaven,
and now we’re going to hell

Take my love and wrap it around,
together we’ll get high but then we’ll come down,
we can take each other’s worlds apart,
or when life’s left we can try and start again




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