Paragraph Activity

I’ve been to a writers group tonight, in which we talked about dialogue. It was very interesting but means it’s now past my bedtime, however before I go I thought I’d follow on from yesterday’s post, with the expansion of the one sentence summary into a one paragraph summary of the whole novel.

Having that little extra bit of space does mean that you get a bit more room to play with, but condensing an entire book’s worth of story into a few lines is still pretty tough.

A good idea when writing this is to imagine it’s going to go on the back of your book, to tell people what it’s all about. Although looking back at it now I think I could probably make it a bit more personal, by using some names instead of just stating what the characters do.

I’ve also noticed that it could possibly do with a bit more punctuation (and grammar!!! (and less repeating of the word “time”!!!!!) , but what’s a few commas between friends!



A physicist creates teleportation device which can also travel in time. This is used by the government to gather data on environmental and physical conditions over time but has unforeseen negative impacts on current planetary conditions. The team running the expeditions have to travel back to a number of key points through time in order to make amends for the upsets. However it is discovered that an eco-terrorist has already been in the same time/place and has purposefully made changes which will alter the present to bring about the end of the human race. The team have to race to discover the identity of the terrorist in the present and repair the damage in the past.




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