Song – Sustain

Another song, because it’s late and I need to go to bed. I wrote this one while my wife (at the time, girlfriend) was in South Africa and I was in Dorset, England. It’s about the fact that I would have travelled anywhere to be with her. Funnily enough we now live in Australia so I wasn’t wrong!

A rubbish recording of the song is here on SoundCloud. I was impressed, at the time, ’cause I used a wah-wah pedal to give it a funky effect, I still think it sounds pretty good, even if my timing wasn’t great all the way through.

Here’s the words.


Hold on to me,
I’ll hold on to you,
I think if we hold a tune,
We will see this through
Miles apart,
Wishing we were together,
Alone in the dark so long,
I’d hold your torch forever

So stay with me

Whispering in my bed,
Silence surrounds me,
There’s so many things I wish I’d said
Not long ’till you’ll know,
How I need you to breathe,
Now I won’t let you go







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