Gig Review – Yuck

My second gig review was meant to be about an indie bunch called Yuck. I did a bunch of research beforehand, even going so far as buying their albums so I could get my head round their sound before the big night.

I actually came to quite like them as a band, even after they lost their front-man, the bassist took over singing duties and they got a new lead player. The second album, minus the old lyricist is a bit more 70s and laid back than the grungey, feedback heavy, first one but both definitely have some merit.

However the night of the gig came, I grabbed my phone, jam packed with notes on the songs and the lyrics so I could list what order they’d been played in afterwards, and then this happened:



I’ve listened to a lot of Yuck recently! Partly because I like them, mainly in preparation for tonight. Unfortunately when Polterghost took to the stage all the clever things I’d been thinking I’d write fell out of my head, because it was like all my favourite bands from the 90s had decided to siphon their wisdom into a little bloke with a beard.

They only played five or six tracks, but each of them was three or four minutes of intense pleasure, wrapped in alternative rock, with an added frisson of screeching overdrive. The three unassuming men donned guitar, bass and drumsticks respectively then threw a musical brick at you, which smashed you in the face and rebounded landing on your foot.

Moving from Swervedriver impersonating intricate melodies into scream-out-loud Rage Against the Machine-a-like choruses via the dark heart of Beaster era Sugar and even (strangely) through some of Avril Lavigne’s earlier tracks!?. They’ve done what a lot of recent bands have attempted and brought alternative rock back up to date and, hopefully, into fashion again. I would go so far as to say they may well be my new favourite band!

I think I’ll be adding anything Polterghost to my festive present list, but sadly they don’t actually seem to have any merchandise or music available at the moment. So maybe I’ll just send them a Christmas card to wish them well and ask them nicely to record some more songs.

Yuck were really very good, by the way!



The published article in the Nottingham Post is here.


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