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While my wife was pregnant we decided it would be a good idea to brush up on the sort of things you need to know when you have a baby, as part of this we took a course run by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). The course was good and we met some great people, who were also having babies. Quite a lot of whom we are still in contact for.

Anyway after doing the course we started getting the newsletter from the charity sent though to us and after reading it I noticed that there was a little section for Dads to write about whatever they wanted to, as long as it was something to do with their children. So I figured I’d put 400 words together, send them off and see if they liked what I had to say. It did get published, although I can’t remember exactly when, but by the dates in the article I’m guessing around June of 2011.




My son Joshua was born on the tenth of April 2010, 10/4/10 which is a good date to be born on! Since he arrived my wife Deanne and I have spent a lot of time thinking about the future, for Dee that often involves things like schools, where we are going to live and how best to provide for him. Obviously I think about these things too, although in a less logical and planned way, I am a man after all! But the thing that keeps my brain busy is wondering more about how he will turn out, what he will do and what he will become?

My parents had a fairly good idea about my three brothers from a very young age. In a nutshell Paul liked mixing things together, he is now a chemist, Marc liked taking things to pieces, he is now an engineer and Rich liked fishing, he is a biologist, but with me it was a bit different! I always liked reading and was an early talker and the best guess my parents could make was that I might be a writer (and look at what I’m doing here), of course there was no such thing as IT when I was little so they couldn’t have known that is what I would eventually be doing, however I’m actually working on a novel so you never know!

For my own son, who is now 14 months old, I still don’t have a clue what he will be. We are still in contact with all the other couples from our NCT classes, all six babies were boys and born within about two months of each other, Joshua being in the middle. Looking at the other kids you get an inkling that some of them are particularly dextrous, others are physically advanced, etc. but Joshy is mainly just happy…and contented doing things when he’s good and ready, not seeming to have preferences one way or another.

The other morning Deanne got him up and bought him in to the bathroom to say good morning, as they went out again Joshua said “bye-bye Daddy”, his first actual sentence, it was at this point that I realised that whatever he turns out as it really doesn’t matter. There will be ups and downs, but whatever happens I will always be there for him and love him for who he is.


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