Story – Back

Okay so in the past I’ve had lots of ideas, haven’t we all. A few of them have been inspiring enough to persuade me to write a few words so I can remember them and consider what to do with them when I get a few minutes.

This one, called Back, came from an idea I had when I read an article about people living in space, at the same time as which I saw a news story concerning climate change. It sparked a train of thought which headed towards Sci-Fi City and if, or when I finally get round to penning it will be about the human race quitting the Earth for a couple of millennia and heading to the moon, so the  planet can recover and revive itself to a more natural state in order that they can come back and start from scratch, doing things the right way with renewable resources, so they don’t mess the place up again.

There is, of course, a twist. But I’m not going to tell you what that is or it won’t be a surprise when I finally chuck the thing out. So far the prose is a rather depressing 93 words long, however I was always planning it as a short story (admittedly not that short, but you have to start somewhere). It just goes to show that every story starts with an idea and a word, and if you’re lucky turns out to be something that allows you to get away from climate change for a while…Um, you know what I mean!

Here it is.



150 years ago mankind realised it had a problem…or to be more precise it was a problem! The planet Earth was heading towards a massive global meltdown and it was mainly due to a rather unfortunate series of events, which the human race had forced upon the world over the preceding 1,000 years. The question was asked “what should we do about it?” and the answer was not forthcoming.
Then around 110 years ago a woman came up with an idea, she suggested that the human race use its astounding technological knowledge and…


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