Gig Review – Everything Everything

Originally published on the Nottingham Post website. I actually did this review as a favour to a friend, who couldn’t make the gig. My only real mistake was taking a pen and paper to write on, when there would obviously be a lot of darkness and flashing lights.

I loved the gig and the band was something else, if you ever get the chance then go see them, they rocked. Anyway, enough with all this blathering, here are the words.



Like the theoretical subatomic particle he shares his name with, Jonathan Higgs seems to bounce around like he’s attempting to create new matter on stage. He flits between rock posturing, growling, angelic choral sounds and balladry. He owns the stage like a scaled down Henry Rollins in his prime, and makes Everything Everything a promising live prospect.

They kick off with a guitar heavy version of Suffragette Suffragette then blast through sixteen songs in less than an hour and a half. Briefly slowing down halfway through for a couple of down tempo tunes, then accelerating back into their first crescendo with Cough Cough, their latest single, to finish the main set. Then, much to the crowds’ delight, they round the encore off with Photoshop Handsome, just to show they can come up with two words for a song title.

You get the feeling that it wouldn’t matter to the band if they were playing to a stadium or a handful of uninterested pub goers, they seem to be doing it for themselves, which is exactly why it is such fun to see them in action, swapping guitars for synthesisers and back again and occasionally losing footwear but steaming on like they don’t even notice.

Like the Higgs Boson this band have currently not really proven their existence, but if their performance tonight was anything to go by we should soon have a new fundamental building block of music to kick off a new big bang.


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